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i create bespoke photography

for change-makers and ethical businesses to boost their brand & camera confidence

get camera confident!

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You already know how to make an impact on people's lives. Knowing how to show that passion for change through your imagery? That is a different thing entirely.

So in that millisecond (yes, it really is) in which your clients judge you by your profile picture, make sure your portrait photography shows you off proudly.

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branding, lifestyle & portrait photographer in London

Photography for ethical businesses, creatives & change makers

your passion is to be the driver of change.

Spirited is for those of us whose work is our passion and is always purpose-led. That gut feeling that compels you to speak, to challenge the status quo and inspire others to follow is what I aim to capture. As a portrait photographer here in London, I aim to capture your spirit, and do so beautifully - all the while putting you at ease. My love of creativity is matched only by my feminist spirit and charity background. Combining my creative eye, people skills and understanding what drives you, is what makes me a better portrait photographer.


London - home studio & location

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what's it like to work with me?

"During our photoshoots, Frances made me feel relaxed, authentic and even confident. Her attention to detail is astounding and it shows in the end-product..."

Gaby, Health & Wellness coach,

Wellness with Gaby

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I truly believe your portraits and branding photos should reflect the quality of your work and the pride you take in it. So I invite you to challenge your camera shyness and work with me as your brand, lifestyle and portrait photographer from my London home studio.

Let the rest of the world feel your pride too!

bespoke branding, portrait and lifestyle photography

Being spirited is something to be proud of. I believe you should look at yourself and your achievements and feel that pride. So I invite you to work with me and let the rest of the world feel it too.


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