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Hello! I'm Frances, a London lifestyle photographer and founder of Spirited Branding & Portrait Photography. My clients know me for my attention to detail and creative flair, but I hope you'll also appreciate my ability to make you feel good, even in front of the camera!

I began my photographic career in weddings: the Evening Standard even named me one of the best in London. My work has featured on magazine covers, blogs and can grace your website, walls, social feed & more.

what does spirited bring to lifestyle photography?

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Spirited is the realisation that for some of us, your work can only be enjoyed when it follows your passions.

I'm pretty shy at heart - but also rather spirited. I like to put my heart and soul into my work and to do that, I really need to believe in it. Also, as you'd hope, I'm a very visual person. You could say photography is fulfilling the artist I always wanted to be. But creativity aside, like you, I believe strongly in equality, female leadership and a strong social conscience in business.

My background is in charities. I mostly worked for and among Latin American women living in London, until I had children and retrained. So I've worked one-on-one mentoring, training and advocating for hundreds of migrant women. I use these skills when I'm encouraging the best of you in a photography session, and they're at the core of my social project, The Liberty Sessions. What I also love about lifestyle photography is how to visualise the impact your work has. When you're caught up in the day-to-day, that can be so hard to see, can't it?

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Socially aware Lifestyle Photographer

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what is it really like to work with me?

Dr Lucy Reynolds

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Lifestyle & branding photography

As a busy working Mum I find it difficult to take the time to focus on myself or have my portrait taken. Frances made it feel so easy and such fun. Often the experience of having a camera pointing towards you can feel awkward and nerve wracking and Frances made me feel very at ease. I would certainly recommend giving it a go and will be coming back for more. It’s a profile image I can use confidently in my professional life as an academic and university lecturer, from film festival lanyards to my website profile.

Working with Frances was an absolute dream!

She took me from hating having my pictures taken to winning an award for my social media presence as I literally lost my fear of being in the public eye through her transformational work with me.When I finally decided my business needed professional photography, I thought I was just going to get some nice pictures at the end. I was so wrong! What ensued was a total brand transformation and helped me to get clear on my message. The photos are gorgeous and represent me and my passion for revolutionising women’s health perfectly. Having a portfolio of pictures that I love and represent my authentic self and brand is making marketing and social media much more enjoyable too. She’s truly gifted and so fun to be around.

whilst the music is fabulous, it takes a lot to get me to dance!


I'm not afraid of colour! Rich, bright colours bring me so much joy and warmth.

more random facts about me...


my favourite city will always be paris.


picnicking by the Seine, Eiffel Tower in background


my inspiration comes from latin america, sin duda!


i love my bullet journal. it keeps me organized & appeals to my love of lists.

From the colours to the cooking and everything in between. My partner says I sound happier in Spanish than in English.

I launched my career as a photographer almost ten years ago, earning a name as one of the best wedding photographers in London. From there, the transition into lifestyle photography came easily - I love working with people and thrive on creativity. Styling, building up inspiration and envisioning what you do so well is everything I love in photography! My lifestyle shoots and real weddings have been published widely in wedding blogs, as well as magazines and national newspapers.

Spirited is the realisation that for some of us, your work can only be enjoyed when it follows your passions. I believe in purpose before profit and that every business should be ethically conscious. And if you know me well, my core passion is for women’s rights. After ten-plus years in the women’s sector, I embarked on a creative shift. My experience in organisational management means I am no stranger to planning and working through your values - but I also mentored and trained women to achieve better futures for themselves. I am then, a huge advocate for self-confidence and this is where I began practicing how to bring out the best in people. It's the same thing I see as absolutely vital to your portrait and lifestyle photography too.

I feel strongly that we all need to embolden ourselves and feel proud, open and delight in who we truly are and this is at the core of my portrait and headshot work. You can only do that when someone is encouraging and directing you, so with me, you will know where to stand, sit and to put your hands. My women's portrait project, The Liberty Sessions, takes this to a new level of confidence building and fearlessness - it's something I take very much to heart!

My approach is to be well-thought through so that your branding shoot tells your story - what you do, why you do it and the spirit behind your business. Because this is your story and not mine, we'll work together from the get-go, drawing up a shoot plan and a collection of creative, cohesive images that is true to you and can be used everywhere.

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