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Hello! I'm Frances...

You're supposed to be a woman of authority.

But look into a lens and your lips dry up and tremble.

Mine did too! I absolutely have your back. Yes, I'll take great headshots and brand photography. And I'll also guide you to delight in who you are, conquer your fears and get inspiring photos that actually look like you.

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because you’re a changemaker who has a millisecond to grab attention, let’s create impactful images that get you noticed.

so much I put my hands to my eyes and squinted, grimacing.

“That’s great, stay there” - he said. I laughed and cried on the inside as my heart pounded almost audibly. Could everyone watching hear it too? At least my red face wouldn’t show in black and white, I thought.

That day I learnt not only that I had to overcome my terrifying fear of the camera, but also a wealth of tools that I have since developed and added to, so that you don’t have to suffer.

The light blinded me

Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer for Headshots in London, by colourful wall in London Bridge

Why let your fear of the camera stop you from being seen and your message from being heard?

I’m a published photographer with an eye for detail, life-long feminist and have a warmth best known when I’m working with people one on one.

You’ll understand my passion for purpose over profit when I tell you my career began in women’s rights, mentoring hundreds of women to become the best and most skilled versions of themselves. I retrained in creative photography after motherhood - became first a wedding photographer, garlanded one of the best in London, to then launching We Are Spirited.

I love to find a creative angle and show off your project in all its well-lit glory. But also, I love to gift you the ability to feel bolder and project yourself with confidence. Then I can sit back and watch you promote what you do unflinchingly.

my friends tell me i'm the most latina brit in existence


i'm in my happy place when cooking for the people i love


Five things you might not know about me -

frances photography preparing food in kitchen

i cry when i laugh


That emoji is real!

frances photography

I like to fill spaces with colour


Oh, and I DO love a good hug!


lifestyle photography done for you

London lifestyle photographer in action

you want to make the leap but don't want to jump

make up artist brand photos show her talking to client in branded tall directors chair

You don’t have to feature everywhere on your website. There's always the selfies. But if you’re going to make a difference to your marketing, that all-important first time, then you need to take the leap.

It shouldn’t feel awkward. Your lips shouldn’t tremble. And you should know how to stand - in your own space - and feel good about it. Know where to put your hands, how to dress and where to look.

Your photos should be all you, well lit, naturally posed, resonate with your audience, create stunning visual impact and tell your story. So that you don’t struggle to find the photo that fits.

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In my client's words...

Wellness Health Coach of Wellness with Gaby chopping kale for smoothie in bright white kitchen for portrait & brand photography London for small businesses

social media is much more enjoyable

Frances Carlisle is my personal brand photographer and who I credit for helping me get rid of my crippling fear of being in the public eye and my camera shyness. 

Through working with Frances, I was able to get crystal clear on my branding and have a portfolio of pictures that I love and represent my authentic self and brand. It has made marketing and social media more enjoyable and efficient.

Frances is much more than a photographer!

- Gaby,

Functional Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Coach


lifestyle shoot: wellness with gaby

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