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for change making women & organisations in London

Magazine worthy images all of your own

Free Yourself from Stock Images

London is crowded. Take control of your brand photography and stand out

Here's 3 reasons Why

Frances Carlisle, Portrait and Brand Photographer London, smiling outdoors near London Bridge


clients want to know who they're buying from

If your clients can't see your lovely face, you can't create the trust that leads them to work with you. Showcase you and your process and they will want to be a part of it.

Wellness Health Coach of Wellness with Gaby chopping kale for smoothie in bright white kitchen for portrait  & brand photography London for small businesses

Stock photos look pretty, but they don't sell your services


Research shows readers don’t trust stock images. They want transparency and honesty. Customise your brand photography and bring what you do to life.


Feel nervous in front of the camera?

Portrait of Woman throwing flowers in the air - women's portraits for change

I used to feel so nervous my mouth would twitch. I have made it my mission to get you to feel and act confident on camera. You can even take my trusted techniques with you to your next shoot!

What difference will your london brand photography shoot make to you?

All my clients want to feel confident on camera and have flattering and inspiring images that they feel proud to share. My clients are women change makers who are driven to effect change in their field. Overcoming challenge is nothing new to them. And yet...

As I stood up to talk to a room of like minded women, I found my notes shaking in my hands. My own disappointment washed over me. A well respected union leader followed me, telling me not to doubt myself so much. But the laughter and applause had come at all the right places so I knew I had to do something to keep on going.

We feel confidence cracks in ways others would never expect. As a photographer of people, and a former women's rights professional, I’m well equipped to understand that gap between how we present ourselves and the potential others see in us. So by arming you with a positive self image and an impactful set of photos, you're ready to go and make yourself seen.

what to expect

Meet Frances, London Lifestyle Branding & Portrait Photographer

I'm Frances, your friendly london Brand photographer

I’m Frances, and I established Spirited for those of us whose work is our passion and is always purpose-led. I work in London mostly with women leading change, conscious businesses, creatives and those who know a confidence boost will do them the power of good. My photography has been published on magazine covers and received raves from the press. My kind clients praise my keen eye for detail, and relaxed, friendly nature - able to put you at ease. You can read more about me, your London brand photographer, here.

full day

brand shoot

half day

brand shoot


shoot days

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held twice yearly

best for updates

Best for full brand launch

+ 20-30 minute session

+ Pre-set location

+ One outfit and prop only

+ 1 - 3 photos, option to buy more

+ Custom image bank of 70 - 100 images

+ Up to three outfit changes

+ Two locations / photo types

+ A more confident attitude to the camera

+ Custom image bank of 200+ images

+ Various outfit changes

+ Multiple locations & photo types

+ A more confident attitude to being on camera

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Questions about your London brand photography answered. Woman peeking clearly out from background of ostrich feather


" During our photoshoots, Frances made me feel relaxed, authentic and even confident. Her attention to detail is astounding and it shows in the end-product."

ask me anything!




Location based brands (restaurants, venues) should focus on their own location. For personal brands and small businesses, an outdoor space such as your local neighbourhood or central London locations. If you don't have or like your own workspace my East Dulwich/ Peckham home studio is full of natural light. Hiring a room or location offers a fantastic design aesthetic and won't break the budget.

What kind of location will we use?



A successful brand shoot needs the right props, wardrobe and location. You will most likely need a small budget for props or clothes - yes I just gave you permission to go shopping! If your London brand shoot needs a specific venue type, build the hire cost in. If you're sending me things to photograph, include your postage costs. I am happy to source things for you and always open to keeping costs down and being resourceful.

Do i need a budget for extras?



I will guide you as to what colours and textures to wear and would absolutely encourage you to bring more options than you need so I can give you wardrobe advice on the day too.

what should i wear?



how often should I do a branding shoot?

Your headshots and portraits should be as up to date as possible, and your content (imagery and blog content) should be refreshed often. Ideally you'd be doing a brand shoot three to four times a year. If you change your look, that's also a time to change your brand photography.



do you offer a return discount?

If you need more than a full day or you book a follow up session later in the year - yes. New lines of products or publications come up unexpectedly, and for those occasions when you know your own photos won’t cut it, I offer a shorter refresh session. Ask for my full pricing brochure for more details.

what is it like to work with me?

"Frances is who I credit for helping me get rid of my crippling fear of being in the public eye and my camera shyness. I have a portfolio of pictures that I love and represent my authentic self and brand. It has made marketing and social media more enjoyable and efficient."

wellness with gaby, London

"Frances was a lovely, calm but organised presence on the day. She worked seamlessly with our product stylist and also sympathetically with the kids. The shots that resulted demonstrated how comfortable everyone felt with her there. Her organisation meant we ended up with all the shots we had hoped for and more."

Small & Wild, London

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