Political Portrait Photographer: Shoot Feature

7 June 2023

As a portrait and lifestyle photographer with an avid interest in politics, taking on the role of political portrait photographer comes quite naturally. You need your photos to convey who you are, illustrate what you do and ensure you connect with your voters. Be it internal or public facing competition, a professional photoshoot immediately uplevels your profile. Communicate beautifully, effectively and professionally and you are sure to be streaks ahead of your competition.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate PPC with arms open in welcoming gesture in front of Wimbledon station

Who Needs Political Portrait Photography?

Isn’t political portrait photography just something that happens once you get into parliament? Surely there is an official portrait photographer for MPs once they’re elected. (Why, yes, there is). So why would you need professional photos as a PPC, sitting MP or even an aspiring parliamentary prospective candidate? Political portrait photography is like any other professional headshot or personal branding shoot. It paints you as serious about what you have to offer and lets your audience connect with you.

political portrait photography of PPC by local flower seller

Political Headshots

When viewers see your profile photo, they judge your character in less than a second. Which means that no matter what stage you are at in your political career, your headshot will say everything your public feel they need to know about you. Obviously, what and how you convey that will change over time, depending on the stage you are at. Early on, your political headshot might need to show serious leadership potential. Latterly, approachability to your constituency might be more important.

political headshot of MP hopeful in local argentinian business
Here a political headshot in a local Argentine business reflects her Argentinian background

In essence, good communication is about trust. Especially, as any social media expert will tell you, it’s about your followers getting to know you – and like you. Which is why lifestyle or behind the scenes photography has become such a necessity. In short, it’s where your headshots really benefit from the extra dimension of photographing your experience.

Photographing the Political Experience and Your Personality

So what is the political equivalent of a lifestyle shoot? Evidently it’s about the lifestyle, the behind-the-scenes action, but for political experience, it’s expressing your service and commitment.

parliamentarian on call at work 
 - example of political lifestyle and portrait photographer london

To my creative eye, photographing the political experience is much like the behind the scenes imagery or lifestyle and personal branding shoots I take for small business owners. The similarity is in giving your voters (internal or public) the opportunity to get to know you. The difference is in conveying the qualities and actions it takes to lead, connect and effect change. You can communicate effortlessly to your voters how well you know your local area, the pain points that stick with them, and how well you connect with them to lobby on their behalf with a well-planned photoshoot. Luckily, you don’t have to do the planning.

prospective MP walks past local business promoting breast cancer awareness campaign in political portrait photoshoot

Hiring a Political Portrait Photographer

What you do should be obvious to your voters, but allow me to let you into a secret. The act of seeing you in action is crucial. Seeing it allows your public to witness it happening and imagine it in their own lives.

Frances Carlisle Portrait Photographer London, with camera

Hire a political portrait photographer to capture your values and personality in an instantly trustworthy profile picture. The added bonus from a professional photo shoot? A more polished and value driven public image.

As a fellow changemaker, I work with people like you, whose purpose is to have an impact on people’s lives. That’s because this is what drives me too. If you’d like a political photoshoot for your election campaign, website refresh or PPC candidacy contact me now. We can tailor one of my packages to your needs.

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