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Women's Portraits for Change

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Professional Portrait Photography Sessions for Women that Liberate your Confidence & Self Expression

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Why should we keep playing small? There are so many factors that keep us, as women, from fully believing in ourselves. Of course the camera won't fix everything. But we can see ourselves as how we want to be seen. We can redefine the gaze. Let's retell our own stories, as we want to see ourselves. Your experience, captured, serves as a physical reminder - an interruptor - of just who we are capable of being.

As women we are vastly underestimated. as a result, we underestimate ourselves.

it's time to change the narrative.

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about me

Hello! I'm Frances. Founder of The Liberty Sessions, photographer at Spirited Branding & Portrait Photography, and prior to my photography career, Director of a migrant women's organisation. I'm a feminist, a community development specialist and a published photographer. Through charity programmes, I have worked to mentor and enable hundreds of women into seeking the best for themselves. I also know how vital it is to rediscover the confidence and sense of self that is often the first thing to go when as women, we're subject to trauma and abuse.

The Liberty Sessions are a combination of all these skills, to empower women through portraits. I lead the sessions, but you define the path they take. Through movement, breath work and a healthy dose of creativity, you'll leave feeling energised, gently encouraged and thoroughly in charge of how you see yourself.

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I work with charities and therapists - if you would like to set up a referrals programme, please email me to discuss next steps.


"I can tell you the story behind every single photo. I love them all!! You've touched my soul."

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