Why not Working from Your Kitchen Restores Calm to Your Workflow

4 April 2023

Women Starting Out in Business Need a Space of Our Own

Women starting out in business on their own is on the increase (one in five of us, according to a female entrepreneurship survey by Tide). Before you ask, yes it’s still far behind the rest of Europe and male entrepreneurs in general. Maybe it’s a positive, or maybe it’s a sign of the times. Look at it how you will, women (mothers and carers in particular) need flexible work. My guess is that when you start out in business, it’s from your kitchen table. It’s the most obvious place. It’s probably one of the only spaces with a work-height table in your home. But since most of us take on the bulk of the housework (in mixed-sex households), is this the best place to set up office? I would encourage you to step away from that kitchen table and set up an idyllic workspace elsewhere.

There are many reasons we should take up space elsewhere, however small that space may be, and only one of them has to do with the housework. Here’s why women in business should carve out a calm space of our own:

Clear space, clear mind

Getting away to a space clear of the kitchen clutter already clears a space for you mentally. Preparing the way for your work is key to getting things done with clarity and ticking off that list more easily. The more things you see around you, the more you mind starts subconsciously going through a list of chores. So instead of focussing purely on your next article, your mind also turns to the laundry, washing up, toys to tidy, etc. A space in a more neutral, clear area of your home might be more conducive than where you generally spend a lot of time doing domestic chores.

clear workspace of computer and desk with flowers

A space of your own

It’s not just about getting away from the clutter. Women in business should be working from a place of a sense of self. I love my kitchen, but it is not where I am mentally ‘at work’. It is a communal space, a family space, a creative work area, but it is not mine alone. A dedicated space of your own, no matter if it’s a small corner of the living room, is a space for you to be you. Express your own, grown up, unhindered thoughts – and if need be, then tidy away at the end of the day. If – or rather when – you have the resources to take up a room of your own, be it at home or a workspace, all the better.

calm creative space of one's own - women starting out in business need space of their own

Create a calm and creative space

As women we do not physically take up space. Through our body language we defend, close off and play small. And in our homes the likelihood that we take the lead in claiming a study or a garden shed as our own is so small that the ‘she-shed’ is enough to spark journalists’ curiosity. So claim a space of your own: a corner of the living room, study or a she-shed. Decorate it in a way that suits your personality, inspires calm and creativity.

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