Wellness Coaching Brand Photography Shoot

21 March 2023

Behind the Scenes at a Wellness Coaching Personal Brand Shoot

Get up close with us at this wellness coaching brand shoot. We spent a couple of days producing imagery that wellness coach Gaby could use to illustrate what she does, who she is and what clients will gain from her when using her services. The shoot had to incorporate the service she provides, as well as the expertise and experience that goes into designing her personalised programmes. And as with every good personal branding shoot, it needs to show Gaby for who she is too – a friendly, relaxed and approachable coach with a wealth of knowledge. Here are a handful of images from one of those days.

lifestyle portrait and headshot of wellness coach brand photography shoot

Service Based Businesses CAN and SHOULD use photography to illustrate what they do

Gaby delivers her services online, over the phone and in person. Particularly with her services being personal, it’s important for her clients to imagine themselves experiencing this. That’s something which can be equally hard for you as any service based business owner without a physical location. Where a cafe or yoga centre can show off their premises, a service should illustrate the process or experience.

Service delivery
brand photography lifestyle note taking

Behind the Scenes

Whatever your coaching business looks like up front or to your audience, they need – and want – to see what goes on behind the scenes. Gaby comes up with recipes, sources and recommends quite specific ingredients and develops nutritional plans for her clients. All of this is based on her expertise, experience, and is obviously tried and tested – behind the scenes. Her clients might not see this, but it happens nonetheless. More to the point, it is a big reason that clients to trust her.

brand photography wellness coach
wellness business brand photography chia pudding


We incorporated new headshots into the photoshoot, which are now all over Gaby’s social media channels, workshop and retreat images and website. Using recognisable headshots across your different platforms is a great way to be instantly remembered. I’ve written before about the importance of a trustworthy face for your business presence and how vital that first contact is. So with that in mind, we went about updating those all important profile pictures.

Wellness with Gaby by Spirited Portrait Photography London
lifestyle portrait and headshot of wellness coach brand photography shoot

You can find Gaby’s wellness coaching services at Wellness with Gaby. Finally if you are considering your own branding shoot, you can read more about the experience with me. Then when you are ready to get started, you can book your own shoot with me today.

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