Where should I use my brand imagery?

2 May 2023

So you’ve received your photos from your branding shoot, but now where should you use your brand imagery? Clients often fear that they will run out of images and end up not using all the assets they have just bought. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! But there are many places to use your brand photography and many different places to reuse them. Yes, there is good reason to refresh your brand imagery regularly. But you don’t need to limit yourself to using them just once. Sometimes, repeating your images is even a good thing to do.

What is brand imagery?

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Here we are talking specifically about the photos from your branding or small business shoot . However brand imagery as a term can also encompass all aspects of your brand’s visual assets, such as the logo, illustrations, design elements and the photography that make up your brand visuals. What is important is that all of these aspects are cohesive. They should speak to the same look and feel of your brand identity. It goes without saying, that the photography should also be cohesive in colour, tone and mood. Your brand photography should be reflective of the overall brand. Another good reason to congratulate yourself for not relying on generic stock images.

Where should I use my brand imagery?

You may have planned out where you needed to use your brand imagery when you planned your branding shoot. Whether you are reading this ahead of a shoot or afterwards, here is a list of places you can use your images.

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  1. Social Media Profiles. (See below for which photos to use)
  2. Social Media Feed. Don’t hold back! Mix up the types of image you use. Images featuring you / the person behind the brand always gain more interaction.
  3. Website front page. For your ‘hero’ shots and some personal lifestyle photos
  4. About page. For your headshots as well as some lifestyle photos, to make your brand more personable.
  5. Services pages of your website. Feature behind the scenes photos; brand photos of your services in action; your venue. This way your clients can visualise your services.
  6. Product listings on your shop, Etsy, Ebay, or wherever else you sell your products. Use both types of image here. Lifestyle photos allow the user to imagine using the product in their own home/ life / business. Whilst product photos let them see the product up-close.
  7. Your newsletters. You can use and re-use your images to illustrate articles. Or share the header image from your blog posts in your newsletters.
  8. Blog posts. This is where your image library really comes into its own. Upload the low resolution versions of your brand photos and you have your own stock library at the ready. Photos really illustrate the points you want to make. They also help to break up text, making it easier to digest.
  9. Press features. (Don’t forget to credit the photographer as the copyright owner!)
  10. Promotional material like leaflets, posters, flyers, event invitations.

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In short, you should use photos everywhere! Images are powerful, but they also illustrate, connect people and serve visually. Remember it’s not a done deal once you’ve used them once, keep reading for when to re-use your brand imagery.

Is it important to use the same or different photos on my profiles?

It is actually a good idea to:

a) use a lifestyle portrait or headshot for your business profile (rather than say, your logo); and

b) to reuse this same photo in all your social and public facing profile accounts.

c) refresh it every few months to keep things up-to-date and your followers interested.

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This is because it makes you as a small business far more approachable if potential clients can put a face to the brand. It also makes your profile more recognisable if that same photo or look graces all of your accounts. So using the same portrait photo across all your business accounts is a positive thing.

Where and when you should re-use your branding shoot photos:

You will also be happy to hear that you can (and should!) re-use your brand imagery. Once it’s been used once you can use it again! Only a small percentage of your own followers see one social post. Jasmine Star for example currently recommends reposting the same post to a different platform ten days after the original post. Equally, as long as you can scroll far enough without repeating the same image, you can repurpose the same photo.

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When do you need new imagery?

In marketing terms, seeing the same ad, profile or visual again ensures you stay memorable in your audience’s mind. Of course you do need fresh content to renew your imagery and reflect the changes. A refresher brand shoot per season is the absolute optimum, but twice a year is a good second best. The key takeaway here should be to achieve a balance between reusing imagery and knowing when to refresh your content.

Where else would you recommend others to share their brand photos?

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