9 Important Places to Update Your Delightful New Headshot

12 March 2024

You’ve got a delightful new professional headshot – now where else other than your about page should you update it?

Your website designer will be happy, there’s a new headshot to update the About page with. If you’re really happy with it, you’ll be rapidly updating your social profiles too. But if you didn’t know that using your picture in your profile has more impact than your business logo, you’ll want to keep reading.

1. WhatsApp

Start nice and easy for that instantly gratifying update. Wait for your friends to compliment your delightful new photos! While you’re there, you could consider setting up a business account and adding your business / tagline to your WhatsApp too. 

2. Gravatar

Update your headshot on a gravatar account (it’s free!) and automatically update your profile picture in multiple places at once. Once you’re up to date here, it’s a case of picking off the sites Gravatar isn’t yet linked to – so read on.

3. Social Media Profiles

LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – whichever social media sites you are active on – should be updated with your new headshot. 

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Got more than one headshot?

Use the same one across all of your profile pictures so that you’re quickly recognisable as the face of a business that has popped up on a follower’s feed before. 

There are plenty more opportunities to use those alternatives below.

Why you shouldn’t use your logo on your profile 

You might be thinking that as a business account, you should use your logo. After all, it makes you clearly recognisable as a business. As the face or owner of your business however, people want to recognise you. Keep your business name in the name / address instead. 

Updating your new headshot in a profile image also makes you appear human – so important in an ever-distancing tech world. 

4. Social Headers

Yes – you can add your headshot – or ideally a lifestyle / in-action version of yourself into the header of your social profile. LinkedIn, Facebook and Linktree are all great examples of where you might need a header. 

How to easily create an eyecatching header in Canva (no Photoshop skill required)

Not sure how to create one? Head straight to Canva for template social headers with automatic photo placements to drop in your new headshot.

5. Your Website

Your website is your shop front. As such it needs to show you as relatable and reliable. It’s where your followers go if they want to find out more about you, before they make the leap to client. So yes, use your headshot as an introductory photo, but better still, use the lifestyle photos of your brand / business venture to show you as personable and relatable.

Don’t start and end with one page though: here are some of the key pages to update with your professional headshots. There might be more than you would like – but including these does make a difference!

computer on desk with flowers showing headshot photography website in where to update headshots article

 About Page

The most obvious webpage to include your own headshot on is the about page of your site (as well as any staff pages). You might even want to pepper a few of these in different poses or scenes, and include more natural lifestyle images too to give your readers a flavour of who they’re working with. 

Contact Page

The contact page is for more than just the form or details of how to get in touch with you. It’s where readers decide to interact with you. So make it easier for them – appear personable and show there’s an actual human being poised to reply to them. 

Places to update your headshot with Frances Carlisle - Spirited Branding and Portrait Photographer London


It’s highly likely new visitors to your site might land on a blog post before exploring the rest of your site. Show them you exist as a likeable person and keep them engaged. There are plenty of opportunities to do this on the blog pages: The easiest could be your blog main page and the blog footer. 

Next time you write or update blog posts show your readers what it’s like to work with you. 

Services  – show your business in action

Better than a simple headshot session, is a lifestyle or branding shoot which shows you doing what you do best. If you’ve never had one before you might wonder why it’s important, or cringe at the idea of it. However the best way of bringing your work to life is showing the action behind the scenes. It really does help your readers to visualise your knowledge – this may baffle you, but it will satisfy your clients’ curiosity and cement your expertise in their mind’s eye.

Photographer in action setting up stock images

6. Feature in Your Social & Blog Posts

If you’ve ever tracked your most effective social interactions, you’ll know that on an image basis alone, posts featuring your headshots are far more popular. Even among followers you may not know, appearing in your own posts is a certifiable way of gaining more traction in your feed. 

For the camera shy among you, this doesn’t mean appearing obsessively in every post. You’ll also find it easier to use in-action / behind the scenes photos than your headshots alone in these kinds of post. I show images of me shooting or planning as well as my headshots, as it makes it easier to illustrate too. 

7. Email Signatures

Add it in to an email signature to show people who you are and what you look like.

8. Business Cards & Flyers

Remembering that not all marketing is done online, add your headshot to your next set of business cards (there are some great templates on Canva). This way, the next time you hand your card out at a networking event, the person you spoke to will quickly recall talking to you. 

In fact all printed materials could and should have a headshot of you on there as the face of your brand. Personalities know this and build brand shoots around this (think of political canvassing leaflets), but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Wouldn’t you rather know who you’re potentially doing business with?

9. Zoom 

Professionalise your zoom profile and update yourself on Zoom too.

Megaphone with flowers shouting - take up space and update your headshot

The Places to Update Your New Headshots

Don’t leave your delightful new headshots languishing on your computer. Seize the instant marketing opportunity they give you and update your website, social media and other profiles. 

Don’t forget to use the same photo for quick recognition as you and your brand – and that your brand is more than a logo. As a personality or service based business, never underestimate the power of some really personable photos across your entire website and social posts. 

Feeling inspired to book a headshot session and update yours? Book your shoot with me today!

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