Creative Brand Photography – Does your Business Really Need it?

2 November 2022

Do you really need brand photography?

Do you really need to get creative with your own brand photography? Or can you just use an old headshot and fill in the gaps with stock imagery? After all, there is so much out there now. Before you find yourself distracted by how beautiful your website can quickly look with the latest stock flat-lay, ask yourself this: can you read your brand’s personality from it?

Your brand is so much more than a logo, tagline and a few stock photos. It is – or should be – a personality. Think: a character in a novel or your favourite TV series. And when you’re the founder of a small business, your brand quite often is your personality, or at least a part of it. Good branding makes you stand out above the competition and keeps clients coming back to you. So how can you make sure that your business has an unforgettable brand?

Your brand’s presence is in the visuals and the voice

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You need great visuals and voice. Correctly branded photography will capture your personality as well as keeping the colour palette and style that your visuals need. Creative brand photography – bespoke and curated specifically for you – will create trust and credibility with potential clients. So it’s important that your photos are not only exceptional but importantly, capture the essence of your business at first glance.

Create the right emotion and it makes your clients feel heard, relaxed or excited to follow and buy your services or products from you. Your brand imagery can help you convey all of those feelings. It shows who you really are and what you stand for – nobody does what you do quite the way that you do. Particularly for personal brands, personas and small businesses (if that’s you, you’re in the right place) – having your own brand image bank is one of the best ways to brand your business and keep things current.

Brand photography is your best friend when it comes to creating trust and credibility

Getting your clients to know you, like you, and trust you is the number one rule in developing the client relationship. Capitalise on your photoshoot to show who you actually are, your team behind the scenes and the passion that goes into what you do. Your own bespoke photography will instantly allow you to create a more personal connection with your clients. There’s no way around this – your clients or followers need to see who you are, where and what you actually have to offer. After all, personality is all part and parcel of being human.

Get creative with your brand photography shoot

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Not only does it help sow trust and create opportunities for connection, but a branding shoot allows you creative flair (in styling, colour or technique) that reflects your brand personality. Your services and products can be captured in a much more appealing way when thought, care, and the human touch is taken with the photography. Moreover for businesses with a physical location, you can show off the ambience and emotion you’ve painstakingly created. The more consistent your images are and in your unique style, the more it becomes recognisably your brand.

Your brand photos should tell your story

Marketing and selling is also about the story. Not the fairy tale or the creation story behind the brand – but the customer’s story. Use your shoot to creatively retell the customer’s journey, how you relieve their pain and bring solutions to their needs. This is where you can re-enact things with real or imaginary customers, because what your end-user wants to see is themselves, reflected. Most of the time we don’t have the means to do this, but your branding shoot is the perfect moment for getting creative and really showing how you serve your customers.

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Invest in your business

Without great or creative brand photography of your own, you’re simply not showing what you really have to offer. Invest in a full shoot to begin with, then take the time to top up as the year unfolds and as new campaigns arise. Better still, build your branding shoots into your marketing calendar ahead of time. By topping up ideally three times a year and having a full shoot to build up from, you will be sure to have enough content to refresh your feeds, website and fill out your catalogues. Never forget that repurposing content is a great way to use your imagery across all platforms – and now you have enough content, you can afford to wait a few weeks before cross posting!

Meet Frances, London Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

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