It’s 2023 – Why your Business Needs to Adopt Behind the Scenes Photos

7 March 2023

Behind the Scenes Photos help create connection, engagement and bring your product or service to life

Why does your business need behind the scenes photos? Are they just another trend you can afford to ignore? Behind the Scenes photos are a great way to help your customers and readers visualise what you do and connect with you. Essentially they are what their name suggests – images taken behind the closed, public-facing, doors of your business. Generally better when aesthetically styled and set up, they show the processes, ingredients and skills that make up what you offer. The best thing about behind the scenes photos is their versatility, so you can use them as part of an ad campaign, packaging, or on your website, blog, or social media feed. Read on for a few reasons why you need to include them in your branding shoot and start using them if you haven’t already.

Invite your readers to visualise the product or service that you offer

You’ve got the perfect product, and you want your readers to know just how great it is. But how do they know to trust what goes into it?

Behind the scenes images help your readers to visualise what goes into making your product or service, from the organic ingredients that go into it to the traditional processes you use or the tools you use day-to-day. Simply giving your potential customers an idea of where everything happens and how you produce or develop your services can help bring things to life.

Behind the scenes photos will help make you more relatable, building trust with potential clients

smiling face at work behind the scenes shows off your personality too

How often do you feature in photos of your business? We’re often scared of appearing egotistical and not wanting to feature heavily in our own brand photos. After all your face isn’t what clients are buying into is it? And yet, there’s nothing more effective than seeing the face and brains behind the business in their own environment to help readers connect. It helps new clients to see you as a real person, rather than just as a business owner or brand. Thus making your business more relatable, building trust with potential clients and keeping the interest of current clients in showing that you are human and approachable. As studies have shown, a website that don’t feature human faces (ie. yours) are perceived as untrustworthy.

It’s also important to show your personality through these photos so people can get an idea of who you are as a person too!

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Illustrate for impact – let the visuals talk

How often do you talk about the craft in your work, or the importance of sourcing organic, or the depth of knowledge in your sector? As a good children’s book illustrates its chapters, so too you can effectively illustrate your talking points, passions and key ingredients using behind the scenes photos. Clarity and simple explanation are key – but whilst words are convincing, it is thought that 65% of us need visual clues to remember what we have learnt. So use images to illustrate your processes, create talking points and invite curiosity in your client base.

They’re also good for highlighting your unique process or product

behind the scenes at a joinery business

In addition to showing the final product, behind-the-scenes photos can also be a great way to highlight the uniqueness in your processes or products.

For example, if you’re a photographer and one of your services is editing images for other photographers’ portfolios, you might want to take photos of how that process works. It could be as simple as showing yourself editing an image and explaining the steps you take. Taking it one step further adds another perspective, like how your style differs from others’, and getting into specifics, how much time each image takes, or which creative effects you use.

Or maybe there’s another side of what makes your business unique–for example, it’s not just about creating amazing products but also working closely with clients every step of the way. Behind-the-scenes photos would help customers understand how important communication is when collaborating with their favourite designers/craftspeople etc.

Share your personality and your brand story

lifestyle photography rowing club

Behind the scenes photos are an excellent way to show off your brand story. They can be used as a way to tell your audience about the people behind it, what they do and how they do it. This kind of photo is more of a lifestyle image but is equally effective in that it allows your clients – new and old – to find interests, locations or habits that they share. Similar characteristics or interests are key in creating connection with clients – and social media is all about connection!

When should you use behind the scenes photos?

Behind-the-scenes photos are brilliant at creating connection in the day to day, as well as starting a conversation or illustrating a talking point. They’re also great if you’re running an event, launching a product or service, hosting a workshop or webinar…the list of where to use your brand imagery goes on:

  • Illustrate your tools & services
  • Create talking point on social media
  • Demonstrate steps in a client process
  • Use them in leaflets, brochures and media packs
  • Talk about your brand story – about pages, media packs, packaging
  • Webinars and workshop media
  • Launch of a new product or service
  • Brilliant back-up images to store in your image bank

So there you have it – behind the scenes images are not only brilliant for business – they’re also key for illustrating the all-important but hidden aspects of your services and for creating trust and connection with clients. They’re a great way to help people visualise what it’s like to work with you or imagine using your products. If you’d like help designing your branding shoot, email me with your questions now!

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